Sean Charles

Sean Charles, Ph.D., Visiting Postdoctoral Associate

I study how coastal wetlands provide ecosystem services (carbon storage, water filtration, habitat provision and coastal protection) in a changing world. In particular, I am interested in how climate change and anthropogenic disturbances alter vegetation community structure and function, biogeochemistry, carbon storage and ultimately wetland resilience. Before moving to South Florida, I achieved a BA from the College of William and Mary, an MS from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. I moved to Miami and FIU to pursue a PhD that could unite two of my favorite things (the ocean and forests) by studying mangrove forests in the Everglades and elsewhere. I am a postdoc on the Delta-X project, looking at how land is lost and gained in the Mississippi River Delta through both a field and airborne campaign with NASA. Learn more about the project and our NASA collaborators at