Some of our collaborators include scientists from Everglades National Park, the South Florida Water Management District and numerous Universities. Check out the links to their home pages and the institutions where they work.


Jordan Barr

Jordan Barr, Damon Rondeau
Everglades National Park




Carlos Coronado-Molina

Carlos Coronado-Molina, Christopher Madden, Stephen Kelly
South Florida Water Management District




Steve Davis

Stephen E. Davis, III
Everglades Foundation




Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards, Florida International University
Richards Lab




Paulo Olivas

Paulo Olivas, Florida International University
Formerly Oberbauer Lab, now with Feeley Lab




Leo Sternberg

Leo Sternberg
University of Miami




James Watling

James I. Watling
John Carroll University




Jose Fuentes
Pennsylvania State University

Daniel L. Childers
Arizona State University

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

group photo