Luke Lamb-Wotton

Luke Lamb-Wotton, Graduate Student, Ph.D.

While receiving a Bachelors in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Anthropology from the University of Maine, I quickly learned I was most interested in questions related to ecological change at broad spatial and temporal scales. As a graduate student, I’m currently investigating the effects of sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion on coastal sawgrass peat marshes in the Florida Coastal Everglades at landscape and regional scales by way of a process known as “peat collapse”. Outside of completing my degree requirements, I’m an active member of the Florida Coastal Everglades Graduate Student Group, and I like to blog here and there (see Wading Through Research and Rapid Ecology). When not in the Everglades or the lab, you can catch me at the local rock climbing gym, on the basketball court, or biking around Miami.