Taylor River

Taylor River, Everglades National Park (FCE LTER TS/Ph 7)

Welcome! Our research focuses on the ecology of wetland ecosystems. Much of our research is conducted in the Everglades, a subtropical wetland in south Florida. Ecosystems where we work include tree islands, mangrove forests, freshwater and estuarine marshes and tidal creeks. Our work integrates hydrology, plant ecology and biogeochemistry to understand ecosystem-level structure, process and change in the Everglades. We can use this information to monitor the response of Everglades ecosystems to large-scale changes including management actions undertaken as part of Everglades Restoration and sea level rise. We also participate in and conduct research as part of ongoing collaborative projects in Panama and Bolivia.


Measuring macrophytes

Measuring macrophytes in an L-67 experimental restoration site in the central everglades

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Pterocarpus tidal freshwater forest in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bayhead tree island

Bayhead tree island in short hydroperiod marl prairie of the C-111 Basin, southeastern Everglades